Year: 2007

Kobe Bryant has always idolized Michael Jordan, right down to his own game. But, could you imagine if Kobe went as far as actually playing for the Chicago Bulls? It almost turned out that way in 2007. Fed up with his lack of a supporting cast, the Black Mamba wanted out of L.A. and that's when the Bulls came calling with a huge deal involving Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. 

Whether or not, the Lakers wanted to pursue the deal, it was Kobe who held up the process because he threatened to veto any trade with Deng in it. Bryant wanted help and if the Bulls were going to give up practically their entire starting five for him, it was like being on the current Lakers squad all over again. So, Kobe decided to stay in L.A. and it turned out to be a smart choice because two years later, the Black Mamba helped lead the Lake Show to back-to-back titles.