Anything is possible in the NBA. Over the years, we've seen rosters quickly overturned and CBA rules bent and skewed so that GMs can get almost any deal done. The Rockets went from Kevin Martin and Luis Scola as their two best players in 2011 to James Harden and Dwight Howard leading the way in 2013. If GMs are patient and shrewd enough, that can happen to almost any team (except for the jackass Knicks).

Inspired by the likes of the Rockets, Knicks, Nets, and Suns, who have put together the core of their teams through trades, we shuffled through ESPN's NBA Trade Machine (if you're a basketball junkie who also enjoys long hours of Candy Crushing, do not open that link at work) to address a few major issues for a select bunch of teams. We were able to deal Rajon Rondo to the Pacers, Carmelo Anthony to the Warriors, and Kevin Love to the Raptors in trades that not only make sense in real life, but also pan out in the Trade Machine. Check out the Best Fake NBA Trades That Work on ESPN's Trade Machine