Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis turned 37 yesterday and today, respectively. In their honor we've decided to make a list based on their tendencies. You ever play with a guy at your local playground that would never pass? Those guys want all the glory. Game point? He's taking the shot, no matter how many people are on him. If the players mentioned here weren't pros, they would be at the Y never passing the ball. Hall of Famers like Pistol Pete and Allen Iverson have been called ball hogs their entire career. Kobe gets labeled a hog while his idol, MJ, never has to deal with that. Guys like Ricky Davis and Marbury were black-balled out of the L because of their selfish ways. So as you reminisce about Starbury's and the Franchise's Knicks years as teammates, check out the Biggest Ball Hogs in NBA History.