Nick Young has one of the better nicknames in the NBA right now. He goes by "Swaggy P" and he really seems to enjoy it. He's talked in the third person on many different occasions this season.

However, in recent weeks, people have started calling Swaggy P by a different name. Because Kobe Bryant isn't playing right now and Young has been playing pretty solid ball, they've taken to referring to him as "Swag Mamba." But that name does not sit well with Young himself, who urged people to stop calling him that after the Bulls beat the Lakers last night.

"Swag Mamba?" he asked a group of reporters. "Nah. I'm Swaggy P, baby. Can't be no Mamba. I don't want to be a snake. I like the flash of the jewelry. I'm a flashy, man. Look at my backpack, baby."

Swag Mam, er, Swaggy P also made it clear that he's the only guy on the Lakers with any real swag.

"I'm the only Swaggy P on the team," he said. "Everyone else has their own identity. I may break them off a little bit, but they can't have my swag."

So that's that. Young is not the Swag Mamba. He's Swaggy P. Any questions?

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[via For The Win]