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Opinions about the HBO show Girls are like Beyonce think pieces: everyone's got one, and the vast, vast majority of them suck like industrial strength Dysons. "She gets naked too much." "HOW DARE YOU SAY SHE GETS NAKED TOO MUCH." "There aren't any people of color on the show." "Eh, it's about hipster white chicks in Williamsburg, the fuck do you expect?" It all gets very tiring, and obscures one elemental fact: Girls is a really fun show. It's probably not going to change the world, but it's not a sign of humanity's imminent demise either. And you can totally use its plot lines to predict who will win the Super Bowl.

Oh, please don't pretend you didn't notice that, for the second year in a row, a Girls season premiere aired on the Sunday of the NFL's Divisional Playoff weekend (a.k.a. the best weekend of the NFL season). And don't even try to front like this is the first time you realized how the Ravens' run to the Lombardi trophy totally mirrored how Marnie almost magically got back together with Charlie by the end of the season.

This season and these playoffs should be no different. How does one look at Shoshanna and not think that's totally the 49ers struggle? Are the Broncos not one of the best teams in the league...and the NFL's Hannah? Rob Gronkowski is clearly the Charlie to Tom Brady's Marnie, too. Hundreds of pieces written about Girls and not one of them predicted Lena Dunham was actually retelling the four remaining teams' story up until this point. Tsk Tsk Tsk. The only difference? A couple of digits in that bank account.

If the last two seasons were the build up until now, then the season premiere may very well predict what's in store for the last four teams. Hannah is back with Adam, Shoshanna is out here getting it on on bunk beds, Marnie is dumped and staying with her mother, and Jessa puts her tongue on the wrong place and gets kicked out of rehab. Check out what this all means for next weekend on Predicting the Rest of the NFL Playoffs Based on Last Night's Season Premiere of Girls.

(Side note: Mad Men's final season will probably predict the NBA playoffs.)