Late last night, after the Thunder lost to the Nuggets in Denver, Kevin Durant posted a selfie that featured him smoking hookah on his Twitter account:

And that in and of itself wouldn't have been a huge deal, except that he deleted the photo from his account just a few minutes later and claimed that he had been "hacked":

Now, usually when an athlete deletes something from Twitter and claims that they've been a victim of a hacker, it's because they've posted and then deleted something controversial. But in this case, the photo of KD was obviously real. So it was unclear why he would say he had been "hacked." But then, he sent out another tweet that seemed to indicate that he really had been hacked:

Additionally, he responded to a fan who called BS on his "hacked" excuse:

And before the end of the night, his teammate Nick Collison even responded to a Deadspin tweet about the story to confirm that KD had, in fact, gotten hacked:

After that, KD stopped tweeting and, well, that was that. So did KD really get hacked or…? We don't think it matters either way. But this is definitely one of the weirdest "athlete gets hacked on Twitter" stories that we've ever come across.

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[via Deadspin]

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