Back in 2011, during the annual NFL Rookie Symposium, former NFL coach/current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards got up in front of a room full of NFL rookies and offered some invaluable advice to them about social media. That advice included three magical words: Don't…press…send. His reasoning was that, too often, athletes don't think before they send out a message on social media—and it often comes back to bite them when that message gets picked up and used by major media outlets like ESPN.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Coach Edwards' message fell on deaf ears. Because although he delivered his message loud and clear for all of those NFL rookies—and although ESPN has replayed his speech countless times since 2011—athletes continue to get themselves into trouble on social media. They send out inappropriate tweets that were supposed to be direct messages. They post offensive photos that warrant apologies. And day in and day out, they make fools of themselves by doing stupid things on social media that make headlines. So from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and even Vine, these are the 50 Biggest Social Media Fails in Sports History.

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