The Knicks have off today. So J.R. Smith has spent the majority of the afternoon responding to questions and comments from his fans on Twitter. And most of his responses have been pretty tame. You know, stuff like this:

But about an hour ago, one of his female followers hit him with this disrespectful tweet:

And as you might expect, it did not sit well with J.R. So much like his teammate Carmelo Anthony—who made headlines last week for responding to a fan on Twitter—Smith responded with a disrespectful tweet of his own:

Fortunately, the female Twitter user didn't get too offended. In fact, if you look at her Twitter page right now, she seems to be enjoying herself. But Mike Woodson might want to holler at his players about not dissing their fans. Because this is obviously not the kind of distraction the team needs on an off day.

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[via J.R. Smith]