Hey, Knicks fans, if you're thinking about talking trash to Carmelo Anthony on Twitter…don't. We already told you about how 'Melo monitors the hate he receives on Instagram. But earlier this afternoon, he proved that he monitors what people write about him on Twitter, too.

At around 2 p.m., Carmelo posted this tweet to his Twitter account, informing all of his fans about a sneaker giveaway that he's taking part in right now:

Innocent enough, right? Surely that wouldn't warrant any trash talk from fans. But one 'Melo fan—who actually has 'Melo's picture set as his Twitter background—took the opportunity to @ Carmelo with some trash talk anyway:

And that tweet didn't sit well with Carmelo. So he took a shot at the fan a short time later:

Ouch! Fortunately, the fan didn't get too bent out of shape about it:

But beware, Knicks fans! 'Melo sees (almost) everything you're writing about him. And he's clearly not afraid to respond if you step over the line.

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[via Carmelo Anthony]