CM Punk is quitting the WWE. Er, or is he?

At this point, it's still a little bit unclear whether or not the WWE superstar is actually quitting the wrestling organization for good—or if this is all just part of an act. But earlier this week, CM Punk didn't appear on Monday Night Raw. And according to multiple reports—including one from TMZ Sports and one from Wrestling Inc.—it's because he told Vince McMahon that he would not be wrestling on Raw and then walked out. According to those same reports, CM Punk hasn't been happy with the way he's been used by the WWE lately and is particularly upset about the way the WWE is planning on using him at WrestleMania XXX in April. So he's decided to leave the WWE, even though his current contract isn't up until July.

This is, of course, still a developing story. And hell, there's a chance that the WWE and CM Punk are punking us all right now and planning on CM Punk making a WWE comeback sometime in the near future. But this cryptic tweet that CM Punk sent out seems to indicate otherwise:

So you're going to have to stay tuned to see how this all plays out.


Wrestling Inc. has been all over the story about CM Punk's alleged departure from the WWE over the course of the last 24 hours. And they were able to find out a few new details that seem to indicate that CM Punk is serious about leaving the WWE for good.

According to one of their readers, CM Punk made an appearance at Comic-Con last weekend and, while he seemed upbeat, he talked at length about how rundown he's been feeling lately and how his health has suffered in recent months. He also talked about how he's tired of traveling and mentioned that he's saved a lot of the money he's made with the WWE.

In a separate story, Wrestling Inc. also detailed how Vince McMahon and the WWE had to rewrite parts of Raw on Monday night in order to account for CM Punk's absence. So while this could still be part of a master plan for the WWE, it's sounding more and more like CM Punk could really be on his way out. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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[via TMZ Sports]