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Uhhhh…does Davone Bess realize that marijuana is not legal in all 50 states right now? Furthermore, does he realize that the NFL frowns upon players smoking weed?

Apparently not. Late last month, the Browns placed the wide receiver on the non-football injury list after he posted a photo of himself lighting what appeared to be a blunt on Instagram. But it doesn't look like he learned a lesson from that incident. Because earlier today, Bess posted this photo to Twitter:

We da real dons!

— Davone Bess (@davonebess) January 16, 2014

Yes, that's another photo with what appears to be weed in it! Sigh.

We're not the only ones who don't get why he would do this, either. Here's some of the reaction he's been getting on Twitter:

Davone bess is an idiot..he's must be thirsty to get cut by the browns

— Nick Lauer (@mauilauey) January 16, 2014

this dude doesn’t want a job, man. RT @davonebess: We da real dons!

— Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) January 16, 2014

If I had 10 million bucks to my name I might be doing EXACTLY what Davone Bess is doing right now. I just wouldn't be posting it on twitter.

— I hate your face (@Spoon_R13) January 16, 2014

Bess' career is literally in danger of going up in smoke right now. Dude, WTF?!

UPDATE: Davone Bess deleted the photo that was originally referenced in the post above a short time ago. But not worry, we were sure to screengrab it this morning. Check it out below if you still haven't seen it. Also, the Browns have come out and said that they are "investigating" the photo in question right now.




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[via Davone Bess]