You can't knock Mark Cuban and the Mavericks for their promotional tactics as cheesy as they may be sometimes. There's the failed Dwight Howard pitch, Dirkbob Squarewitzki (which isn't the name of the clip, but you get the idea), and now, a full-on parody of Anchorman. Again there isn't much of a reason for it other than to keep the Mavericks in you mind. Do you need to watch Monta Ellis put on a Charles Barkley impersonation? Probably not, but at least you know he has a sense of humor. A very dry sense of humor. The problem with videos like these is how fans may be thinking, "You had time to do this, but you're still losing games," if the Mavericks do start to lose. But they're decent right now, so the parodies don't quite have a reason to end just yet.

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[via For The Win]