It has been a full decade since one of Three 6 Mafia's more popular songs started spinnin' on the radio, in the clubs, and in clunky Memorex CD players everywhere. The hit single brought the cultural trend of large, spinning rims into the mainstream with a video that was stuffed with chrome, attractive women and enviable muscle cars. It helped fuel a brief moment in auto history in which everything from minivans to motorcycles had continually circling wheels. 

Unfortunately, the man who came up with the group's name, Ricky Dunigan (Lord Infamous), and the man who had one of the best verses in the song, passed away this week from a heart attack at the young age of 40. As everybody reflects and looks back on his life, remember that two things will never stop: his records, and his rims. 


"This for all my players out there ridin'... spinners"

"I don't care where you at, the club parking lot
The express way, whatever
What I want you to do right now is just STOP
And let em' keep spinnin' man"

"I put the pedal to the metal then stop ... 
See me something sexy, spot that ass I gotta stop"

"Older people trippin' cause they think they seein' thangs"

"Everybody let ya spinWHEELS spin like a spinMILL"

"I got twenty inch spinners on my drop,
Nothin' but white and yellow rocks in my watch"

"I saw my dog with the center circles so I ... SCRRR"

"They spinnin' like a saw, so don't touch em' when I ...SCRRR"

"When ya stand by the blades, you can feel a slight breeze"

"Fell up in the Peabody, the most expensive suite
Them thangs still spinnin' when I filled out the receipt"

"Ain't nothin' like Sprewells, 'cause they spinnin'"

"I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners, they don't stop"