Unfortunately, NFL fans get into fights with one another just about every single Sunday—and Monday—during the NFL season. They fight in the stands. They fight in the concourses of stadiums. And they fight in parking lots. But one fight reportedly went way too far yesterday afternoon and ended with the death of a man outside of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Police are still investigating the incident. But they say that a man died outside of the Broncos/Chiefs game on Sunday after two men got into a fight with him during the game. Early reports indicate that the two men—who may be a father and a son—went to their car in the middle of the game and found a man in their vehicle. A fight ensued and something took place during the fight that caused the man's death. He was reportedly not stabbed or shot during the fight. But police have not indicated what killed the man yet.

The men who allegedly killed the man are in police custody, and the investigation into the man's death are ongoing. So stay tuned for additional details. What a tragedy for the Chiefs, who are just one year removed from the Jovan Belcher situation.

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