The term "dominant center" may come to mind when thinking about Dwight Howard during what has been a pretty solid season in Houston. "Good teammate" probably is another one...if you were trying to be sarcastic.

Howard's drama show in Orlando has been well-documented and he hasn't been the easiest guy to work with in Los Angeles; he even reportedly told the Lakers the Kobe Bryant era needed to end if they wanted him to stay. But Howard showed he was actually a good teammate at least to the Rockets on Christmas. He gifted them some pretty high-end watches:

Howard may have tried to give Bryant a gift too, but he was probably afraid he was going to say something like, "Don't disrespect me. You're trying to say the clock on my career is running out?" Anyways, Howard hooked the Rockets up with another Christmas present with 15 points and 20 rebounds in their 111-98 win over the Spurs. A shame James Harden isn't catching the

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[via SB Nation]