Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis has a real need for speed. In fact, he claims that, over the years, he has received about 30 speeding tickets. But he's never received one while doing a live radio interview…until now.

Yesterday afternoon, Portis called into the Washington D.C. radio station 106.7 The Fan from his car to speak with his former teammate/current radio talk show host Fred Smoot about a little bit of everything. And towards the end of their interview, a cop pulled Portis over for going 45 mph in a 30-mph zone. Portis joked with Smoot about it after Smoot thanked him for doing the interview.

"Hey y'all, no problem," he said, "you all just got me a speeding ticket."

Smoot stayed on the line with Portis for a few extra minutes while Portis waited for the cop to bring him back his license. And at one point, Portis even asked the cop if he wanted to say hello to Smoot. But the cop declined (probably a smart move on his part) and simply gave Portis a ticket.

Speeding and talking on his cell phone while driving? Tisk, tisk. Portis' car insurance rate must be through the roof.

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[via For The Win]