Tattoos and athletes, they go together about as well as...groupies and athletes. Their ink ranges from the good to the bad to the Kirilenko. Dudes like J.R. Smith are more tattoo than man at this point. While others choose to be (probably NSFW) more subtle. But just because you get paid to play sports doesn't mean you have to get one. If you've got no idea what you want then don't go out and buy one for the hell-of-it. These things are permanent, you know?

That brings us to these guys, a crew of ballers who had no idea what they wanted but drove to the parlor anyway. How else do you explain their names and team logos irreversibly etched onto their bodies? A testament to narcissism? A lack of knowledge on transfers and free agency? We'll go with forgetfulness.

Sometimes we need help remembering things too. We've lost keys, forgotten important dates, etc. But damn it's tough to envision a giant Complex tattoo spread across the chest or a big "Gavin" scribbled on my butt. My name isn't worthy of my ass. Let these marks be a warning to any and all of you considering your own designs. Here's the Athletes Who Need Tattoos to Remind Them Their Own Names or Teams They Played For. And if you think they look cool, well you're wrong, but go for it anyway.

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