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The NHL is a league that has been rich in tradition ever since its founding back in 1917, when the Original Six first took the ice as one, cohesive organization. This tradition presents itself in a number of different ways: the toughness of each and every player on the ice, the Stanley Cup, and the Winter Classic are just a few examples of the elements that make hockey such a historically-rich sport. Along with these rituals, though, the NHL has also become known for another thing: postgame player awards. Whether it's a military jacket or a hard hat, teams often use these game-by-game awards as a source of pride and motivation to inspire some momentum for the squad. It doesn't always have to be the guy who scored the most goals or tallied a few assists, either. Sometimes, it's just the dude who grinded it out the hardest for every shift. To give yourself a better idea of the tradition, check out this Recent History of NHL Postgame Awards.