What would you do if you were searching for cars on eBay and—surprise!—you noticed that someone was trying to sell your car? You would probably be pretty puzzled, right? Recently, a man from Gresham, Ore. found himself in that exact scenario.

Bill Lewis—who has been trying to sell his 1969 Ford Torino on Craigslist—was scanning eBay for cars like his when he came across a listing that featured a car that looked just like is. And once he started clicking through the photos of the Torino, he realized that it was his car. In fact, the eBay listing was identical to his Craigslist listing. The only problem? He didn't put the eBay listing up, which means that someone out there listed his car and actually sold it on eBay without his consent.

Check out the video above to hear about the crazy situation. It sounds like someone who lives five minutes away from Lewis was attempting to "sell" the car on eBay to see how much he could get for it if he decided to buy it from Lewis and re-sell it immediately. But his plot was foiled when Lewis himself came across the listing. So for now, the car is still for sale. Just don't expect to see it up on eBay again anytime soon.

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[via KATU News]