What stans think: He was already the best college player of all-time as a freshman.
What haters think: That he's a dick for acting like a 20-year-old.
What realists think: With the spread, increased games, etc. you're seeing more and more inflated numbers for QBs.

There's a fine line between legitimate criticism and vented frustration due to an unfulfilling life. But Manziel's an interesting case because it shows how rabid fans have become, even towards those who're working for free (minus a signed football here and there). To avoid being a stan or hater, perspective is important. He just finished his teen years. Think of where you were at. If you were volunteering at soup kitchens and training seeing-eye dogs then feel free to unload on him. Through your good deeds you've earned the right to tell the rest of us just how terrible we are. But for everyone else, the odds are you've done something worse than miss a QB camp because you were hungover.