The Los Angeles Lakers are going to be without their best player, Kobe Bryant, one knows. So, needless to say, the last thing the Lakers need is for another pivotal asset to be suffering from injury woes before the season even starts. Especially when that guy is the quarterback of the team, Steve Nash.     

Here's a recent tweet from Lakers beat writer, Dave McMenamin

Yesterday, Nash was held out in the second half of their game against the Utah Jazz with neck discomfort. At 39, Nash is slowly becoming, if not already, a shell of his former two-time MVP self and these injuries may eventually keep him on the sidelines more, and on the court less. Look, we're hoping to see Nash have a bounce back season in 2013-14, but when your own teammates are expressing their concerns about your physical abilities, that's gotta be a huge red flag, right? 

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[via Dave McMenamin]