Kobe Bryant is yet to rule himself out of the Lakers' season-opening game against the Clippers on October 29. But it's sounding more and more like Kobe is going to be kicking it on the sideline that day. He hasn't practiced with the Lakers much during training camp. He's still not in game shape. And according to a reporter for Lakers.com, Kobe is still having an issue when it comes to pushing off on his left leg because of the Achilles injury he suffered at the end of last season.

"I can't quite push all the way through yet," he just admitted, "but it's coming along fine. It feels all right."

Well, if it feels all right, then why can't you…oh, nevermind. Kobe coming back for the first game of the 2013-14 NBA season always sounded a little bit too ambitious to us. So we're not surprised to hear that he probably won't be ready. We just hope he doesn't rush back at the last second and get re-injured. So why doesn't he rule himself out of the Clippers game now and save himself the trouble?

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[via Sports Illustrated]

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