Driver: Suge Knight

Though the car driven by the perpetrators is at large (as are the culprits), Suge Knight's BMW has remained as famous as the man who died inside of it. On September 67th, 1996 Knight was driving Tupac Shakur back from the Mike Tyson – Bruce Seldon match in Las Vegas. Before they left the match, Shakur and Knight assaulted Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, a California Crip who had beaten a member of the Death Row entourage in a Foot Locker. Later that night, a white Cadillac pulled up alongside Shakur and Knight, and shot Tupac, hitting him in the chest, pelvis, thigh, and lungs. Shakur died of his wounds shortly thereafter.

Though reporter Chuck Phillips wrote the definitive report on the case, concluding the Anderson and other South Side Crips had murdered Shakur, the case remains unsolved. Notorious B.I.G. and Knight are often sighted as possible co-conspirators, and of course, there are those who believe Tupac faked his own death.