Is it too early to give LeBron James' son, LeBron Jr., the nickname "Prince James"? At only 9 years old, LeBron, Jr. is already filling up stat sheets like his pops. Earlier tonight, King James shared a video on Instagram of his son's game where he put up 25 points with eight rebounds and eight assists. And, according to Bron Bron, little man even has his euro step on lock like Dwyane Wade.

Damn, college coaches! We hear you panting and salivating at the opportunity of having him play on your program. Relax. 

It's crazy to think, but in like 15 to 20 years, we could potentially witness LeBron James, Jr. and Zaire Wade dominating the NBA like their old men. And speaking of old men, we'll definitely feel old at that point. 

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[via LeBron James]