In the Mill Basin area of Brooklyn this weekend, this Lamborghini Aventador was showing its power a little bit before ending up in pieces after an accident with another driver. Photos were popping up all over Instagram from those who involved and people on the scene, and the consensus was that the speeding Lamborghini was responsible and paid the price, but the video footage that recently surfaced may tell the full story. In the clip below from a nearby security camera, you can clearly see the Aventador going a lot faster than it should have been. Also in video, however, you see the second car (a Mazda sedan according to some sources) driving at a normal speed and then it turns into the oncoming bullet. We don't forgive the driver of the Aventador for speeding, but seriously? How could you not see (and hear!) a speeding supercar heading your way? It's hard to tell from the footage whether or not the sedan had its signal on or how fast the Aventador was going (some claim over 100MPH), but the damage is without question devastating. Luckily, the Aventador broke apart everywhere besides the cabin and the driver was able to walk away from it without injury.

Check out the clip below and decide for yourself who's to blame:

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[via TheSuperCarKids]