Over the course of the last six months or so, Johnny Manziel and Drake have become best buds. Okay, maybe not best buds. But they've clearly become pretty good friends. In fact, back in April, Johnny Football credited Drake with helping him become a changed man during the college football offseason. He took a trip to Toronto to hang out with Drake and seemed genuinely touched by the way the rapper treated him during his visit.

"To meet the No. 1 person on my bucket list, and for him to treat me like he did and how that whole trip went for me," Manziel said, "I came back a completely different person."

During an appearance on ESPN First Take earlier today, Drake spoke about his friendship with Manziel and defended his recent actions both on and off the football field. He also talked about what he has been talking to Manziel about in order to try and turn him into a better football player.

"I encourage him to have more disciple than anyone else," Drake said.

Check out what else Drake had to say about Manziel in the clip above. The bromance between Drake and Manziel is clearly blossoming right now.

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[via First Take]