It’s no secret that Drake is a supporter of Manchester City, unless of course you’ve seen him hanging out with Rio Ferdinand decked out in United gear. There was also the time he trained with Chelsea and took pics with his boy, Didier Drogba. Well, it looks like it’s not so easy to tell where the Toronto-based rapper’s allegiances truly lie when it comes to the beautiful game. Since his first display of soccer knowledge back in 2007, Drake has made songs about and hung out with Mario Balotelli, kicked it with Rio Ferdinand, and been seen with Arsenal youngster Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He has shown support for numerous clubs, countries, and players, and professed his love for the FIFA franchise. Regardless of who October’s Very Own supports, one thing is clear, Drake is a big soccer fan. In an attempt to make some sense of the madness we combed through the lyrics, pictures, and Tweets to capture, Drake’s Complete History as a Soccer Fan. 

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