Career: 1988-2002
'90s team(s): Phoenix Suns (1990-95), Cleveland Cavaliers (1995-96), Miami Heat (1996-99)

The Ex-Sun and current restaurant magnate, Majerle has stuck with the hardwood even after retirement. After spending five years as an assistant coach for the Phoenix Suns he was snubbed/fucked over by the franchise that made him kind-of-a star. He's accepted the challenge of coaching Grand Canyon University, a private, Christian school, in their first year as a D1 program. Majerle is replacing a very qualified coach in Grand Canyon's Russ Pennell which has led some to speculate the move is all about the turnstyles for D1's first for-profit university. Don't put it above this shady slice of academia which has been sued by the feds in the past. If Majerle is to prove he's a bonified head coach he'll need to do it for these con artists first.

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