Nickey Van Exel, the son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel, is in some serious trouble.

Back in May 2010, the young Van Exel and his best friend Bradley Eyo were arrested in Dallas after they allegedly committed a string of aggravated robberies in the area. But, wait, it gets worse. The situation then took a tragic turn in December 2010 when Van Exel shot and killed Eyo inside of Van Exel's home and dumped the body to try and hide it from police. Initially, he claimed the shooting was an accident. But, prosecutors changed the manslaughter charge that they handed to him back in January 2011 to a capital murder charge recently—and now we know why.

Today in court, testimony began in Van Exel's case. And, during the proceedings, prosecutor Elaine Evans came out and revealed that the prosecution does not believe Eyo's death was an accident. Rather, they think Van Exel killed Eyo because he was going to cooperate with police and snitch on Van Exel for his role in the May 2010 burglaries. So, they're pushing hard to have Van Exel found guilty on the capital murder charge as opposed to a lesser manslaughter charge.

Confused yet? You probably should be. There's a lot going on in Van Exel's case. So, just stay tuned. We know Van Exel is in serious trouble. But, we'll let you know just how serious the trouble is as the case moves forward.

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[via The Dallas Morning News]