Date: 1981-Present
When Karl Malone was 17 years old he had twins, Daryl and Cheryl Ford. He didn't claim them until 1998 when the tabloid The Globe ran a story about a couple paternity lawsuits involving Malone back in his hometown of Summerfield, Louisiana. The other paternity suit involved Demetress Bell. Malone fathered Bell when he was a 20-year old college sophomore. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except for Bell's mother being 13 at the time. In both cases Malone fought tooth and nail to not have to pay child support—it didn't work.

He has since maintained a relationship with the Ford twins and made it out to Cheryl's games once in awhile when she played in the WNBA. But he told Bell, who plays in the NFL for the Eagles, after he graduated high school that it was "too late" for him to be his father. Jackass swag on infinity.