So Karl Malone is still salty about the fact that Michael Jordan prevented him from getting an NBA championship ring, eh? He must be. Because during an interview with Dan Patrick yesterday, The Mailman was asked to name his all-time starting five. And Malone completely disregarded MJ and decided to include his Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen instead.

"Scottie Pippen led the team in every statistical category while he was there without Michael Jordan," Malone said. "That's why I have to put him there."

Uh…WHAT?! This isn't the first time Malone has talked about this, either. Last year, Patrick asked him a question that was almost identical to the one that he asked yesterday. And Malone provided the same answer and ranked Pippen ahead of MJ. So at least he's consistent! But he's also really, really crazy.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]