New York City, N.Y.

The Brooklyn Banks is New York's most famous spot. It consisted of the small bank, the big bank, and three handrails and sets of stairs of various sizes. While the entire area is being used for storage until 2014, the small banks are gone forever. Their first major appearance was in Future Primitive from 1985. The early '90's saw plenty of tech wizardry on the banks, but going over the wall behind the bank was how you got the most attention. In a shared 1998 Transworld interview, Fred Gall landed the cover with a kickflip wallride while Josh Kalis switch backslide flipped the wall inside the magazine. The list of tricks over the wall is long, but Rob Welsh's switch 360 flip stands out as one of the dopest. When a fence went up on the wall Mike Vallely was the first to boost over the wall and new fence.

Best TrickJosh Kalis, switch backside heelflip