It’s no secret that athletes like to party. Always have. Whether they’re in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, MLB, or anything else, there’s no better way for a player to blow off some steam than to go out and have a few drinks with his or her friends. As we all know, though, sometimes these relaxing outings take a decidedly different turn. What was a pleasant buzz turns into a full-on blackout, and thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al., not one of these moments goes uncaptured.

When an athlete gets put on blast for partying hard, often public perception swings wildly in one of two directions. Half the time, we shrug and simply let it go (think Rob Gronkowski or legend of drunk photography Kyle Orton). The other half, we lash out with indignation and demand a player get his or her act together (think Johnny Manziel or Michael Phelps). No matter what your stance is on athletes and their partying ways, it’s going to continue from now until the end of time. And every step of the way, anyone with a camera phone will be there to capture each cockeyed smile and half-shut set of unfocused eyes. We present to you here Part II of The Craziest Drunk Athlete Photos in Sports History.

*shouts to for some of the photos*

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