If you've been paying attention to sports at all during the past few months, you'd notice that the NFL has had a suspiciosly high number of arrests: Alfonzo Dennard, Ausar Walcott, and most infamously, Aaron Hernandez. But has NFL arrests truly been that bad or does it seem that way because of media attention?SeatCrunch's investigation suggests it's the former.

SeatCrunch put up some stats on NFL crime, and it shows that this year is on pace to have the most arrests in the past 13 years since 2006. The year is past half over and its 40 arrest is what more than half of the number of arrests in 2006.

The research also shows that DUI (185), assault (90), and drugs (84) lead in convictions with DUIs holding the highest conviction percentage out of the three. Window tint violations, prostitute solicitation, manslaughter, failure to appear in court, and probation violation all have a 100 percent conviction rate.

If there's one thing Hernandez can feel slightly comfortable about, it's how violent crimes have a 42 percent acquittal rate. But if we're strictly talking about murder charges, Ray Lewis is the only other player to catch that charge in the past 13 years. Of course, he got acquitted, so the NFL can boast a 0 percent conviction rate for murder.

Check out the stats which includes the most arrested position (hint: it's on the offensive end) and which team had the most players arrested here.

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[via SeatCrunch]