On Sunday evening, Ray Lewis reached what can arguably be considered the pinnacle of his 17-season career: A trip back to the Super Bowl before calling it quits. Lewis is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring figures in sports today. However, as Wes Welker's wifenot so eloquentlypointed out, Lewis' past includes a murder charge from February 2000.

During a Super Bowl XXXIV after party, Lewis along with two of his companions were involved in a brawl that resulted in the deaths of two men. Lewis cut a deal with prosecutors which resulted in his murder charge being dropped to an obstruction of justice charge in exchange for his testimony. Just a year later Lewis led his team to a Super Bowl victory and won MVP honors. Athletes who are hit with murder charges don't always get off scot-free and win rings though. Just ask Rae Carruth who spent his 39th birthday behind bars on Sunday as Ray Ray stamped his ticket to the Super Bowl.

To see how ballers have fared when faced with the accusation of taking another persons' life, peep a History of Athletes Catching Murder Charges.

*The athletes on this list were confined to those specifically charged with murder. Not manslaughter. We see you, Jayson Williams.*

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