New York Knicks? Brooklyn Nets? Atlanta Hawks? There's many teams that would've been interested in signing Metta World Peace after he got amnestied by the Lakers. But this is World Peace we're talking about here. The question is if he's interested and that may be a no.

At the Lakers practice facility, World Peace said, "I don't really want to play for anybody. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to go to China, or coach or play arena football." So it's looking slightly unlikely that he'll play for his hometown.

I had a chance to play in New York [in the past]. I wanted to play in New York when I was in my prime and I was young, fierce, lock-down [defender]. Madison Square Garden, that would have been sick. But right now, China is way more adventurous for me.

If he's serious, where are we going to get those priceless interviews and  warrior-type moments from? And arena football? Is he trying to be random here?

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[via ESPN]