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When Metta World Peace opted to have surgery on the torn lateral meniscus in his left knee on March 28, it looked like his season was done. Reporters asked Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni if he was optimistic about World Peace returning to the lineup before the end of the season and he gave a straight-forward "no." So, prepare to be shocked by his Wolverine-like ability to heal because MWP may be playing again as soon as tomorrow against the Hornets. 

That's right. World Peace could be back in the lineup, a mere 12 days after having surgery. Today, Metta participated in 3-on-3 drills and after the team's practice, D'Antoni said that World Peace was 80-90 percent likely to play. 

You gotta believe that when Kobe Bryant heard of MWP's immediate return, Kob' shot a look at Dwight Howard, as to say, that's how you come back quickly from an injury.    

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[via Larry Brown Sports]