Sometime over the course of the next day or two, the Lakers are expected to amnesty Metta World Peace. Assuming it happens, World Peace would then be subjected to the amnesty waiver process, which would give NBA teams the right to bid on him. If no one bids on him, he can then become a free agent and sign with whoever he wants to sign with. And if all of that happens, the Knicks would reportedly be one of the teams interested in offering him a deal.

According to a league source who spoke with Yahoo! Sports this afternoon, the Knicks want World Peace and would like to try and get him for the veteran's minimum salary. They'll need to let the amnesty process play out before they can make him an offer. But they seem to think he could start at small forward for them next season and fit in nicely with the team as it is currently constructed.

So World Peace could be bound for the Big Apple sometime soon. How amazing would that be?

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[via Yahoo! Sports]