Nickname: Homicide
City: Bronx, N.Y.

Homicide didn't come up with the pedigree of other New York legends—he played ball for two years at Penn Valley Community College before transferring to Divsion I Alabama State, and only ended up averaging 13 points per game for the small school. He was the furthest thing from being on the streetball radar, much less an NBA one. The summer after coming back from college, he played in nine streetball tournaments around the city, dominating the local circuit.

After dropping 47 points during a game televised in NBA TV, the Toronto Raptors invited him to their preseason camp. Williams was part of the last cut at camp, but to come from community college to the cusp of an NBA roster in a few years is remarkable. In the streetball documentary, Doin' It In The Park he credits streetball for his confidence and making him into a better player.