I have no shame about it. I love any chance to make fun of Chris Brown. He's a violent, abrasive asshole with poor taste. So it pains me to say that the new paint job on his Lamborghini Aventador is not that bad. In fact, it's pretty cool. 

Not as cool was JC Customz prolonged social media hype to unveil the makeover. The shop posted a photo of the covered Aventador on Instagram last week. A few days later the shop posted another photo, this time of the Lambo before coming to the shop. Finally the finished product was revealed Saturday. As cool as it looks, it was hardly worth the build up. The red, black, and grey camouflage is hardly groundbreaking. If it came out with a big stamp on the hood that said, "I'm sorry to all the people hurt by my assholeness," then yes, the hype would have been necessary. 

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[via Instagram]