Now this one has definitely been something screamed from the mouths of Heat haters throughout the past year. According to them, D-Wade is no longer what he once was, a shell of himself. While it's true Wade has not been playing the way we have been accustomed to, we put the blame on nagging injuries rather than diminished skills.

He clearly isn't at 100 percent physically and it's evident that the lack of lift and endurance at times is making him look like he's closer to retiring than he should be. After this season and some free time to get right physically, we fully expect a much improved D-Wade going into next year. He'll never be what he use to be, but he still shows up big in the biggest games. If you need a memory refresher peep his 41 point and 10 rebound performance in Game 6 of the second round vs. Indiana. Or even his 21 point and nine rebound performance the other night in Game 7.