Remember the first day of Journalism 101 class kids? "If you read it on Twitter, it must be true." So you can imagine our surprise when we were orbiting the Twittersphere and learned that Chris Bosh is "The coolest dude alive." Yup, that's what it says. (For what it's worth, he also wins for coolest Twitter wallpaper.) We know what you're thinking: Wait, that Chris Bosh? The flopping, crying, man-hugging dude who's the Catwoman to LeBron James' Batman in the most hated sweepstakes? Yup, that Chris Bosh.

But then we got to thinking: Maybe dude is right. Shit, he's pretty clearly the coolest dude on his own team, so that's a start. The coolest dude alive though? Well, decide for yourself. Here are 5 Reasons Chris Bosh Really Is the Coolest Dude Alive.