A Ferrari V-12 340/375 MM Berlinetta has just become the third most expensive car ever sold at auction, hammering for $11.9 million at RM Auction's Villa Erba event on Saturday. The car was sold to anonymous bidder (lucky dog!) after 20 heated minutes of bidding.

In 1953, the car represented Ferrari's entry into the 24-hour of Le Mans. Piloted by drivers Mike Hawthorn and Nino Farina, it was disqualified during the twelfth lap of the race on a technicality. In the years following its racing career, the MM enjoyed a pampered life in some of the most exclusive car collections in the world. 

The results of the auction further solidify vintage, race-driven Ferraris as some of the most valuable collector car on the planet. (In case you were wondering, the most expensive car to sell at auction was a 1959 Ferrari Testarossa prototype that went for $16.9 million in 2011.)

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[via Business Week]