About 24 hours ago, the city of Boston was changed forever. On Patriots' Day—a day that's usually reserved for Boston Red Sox baseball, the Boston Marathon, and a whole lot of Boston pride—two bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon on Boylston Street in the Copley Square section of the city. Since then, three people have died, more than 150 people have been treated for injuries, and the entire nation has wondered how and why something like this could happen.

The sports world has, more or less, been put on hold for the last day. Sure, there have been a number of major sporting events that have taken place. But most sports talk radio shows have put their usual debates aside for the day and instead focused on the tragedy that took place in Boston. Sports reporters have put their notebooks and tape recorders down and told tales about covering the Boston marathon in the past. And those who participate in sports have taken to Twitter to send their condolences to those affected by the act of terrorism that hit Boston. Sports Illustrated is even putting sports on the back burner for the next week and devoting their entire next issue to Boston.

Truthfully, it's been a lot to take in at one time. There have been so many details surrounding the bombings at the Boston Marathon that it's been a little bit difficult to keep up with it all. So we put together this post to give you a better sense of exactly how the sports world as a whole has reacted to the Boston Marathon tragedy. Photos featuring reactions from sports publications, sports teams, and athletes themselves can be found in the thumbs gallery above, while tweets from athletes (and two awesome tweets from the New York Yankees) can be found embedded below. This is how the sports world has reacted to one of the biggest sports-related tragedies to ever hit this country.