7:40 PM: According to CNN, at least 132 injuries have been reported, 8 of which are children. 17 of those individuals are in critical condition.

5:54 PM: CNN and NBC are now calling the explosions a terrorist attack.

5:51 PM: Police are reportedly allowing marathon runners to go back to their hotel rooms. However, they have set up checkpoints to search them before they are permitted to enter.

5:44 PM: President Obama will make a statement to the nation at about 6:10 PM.

5:37 PM: Important:

5:36 PM: Boston Police are now saying that the incident at the JFK Library was "fire related." It appears as though no explosion took place at the library.

5:17 PM: Cell phone service in Boston has been shut down, according to the AP, in order to prevent potential remote detonations.

5:15 PM: The Boston Globe is now reporting that local hospitals are treating more than 100 people for injuries related to the explosions.

5:09 PM: Google has set up a Person Finder to help people locate those who may have been affected by the explosions.

5:05 PM: Steve Silva of Boston.com just posted this video of the explosions taking place. Warning: The video is very intense.

5:02 PM: If you are looking for family members who may have been affected by the explosions, you can call 617-635-4500. If you have any information about the blasts, you can report it to 800-494-TIPS.

5:01 PM: Some marathon participants are reportedly doing whatever they can to help victims of the explosions.

4:50 PM: Here is a video that was taken at the time of the second explosion. You cannot see the explosion. But, you can feel the impact that it had.

4:49 PM: Police need the help of anyone who has video of the finish line from the time of the explosions.

4:46 PM: According to CBS News, police have reportedly discovered surveillance video of someone bringing several backpacks into the area near the finish line of the Boston Marathon about 20 minutes before the explosions took place.

4:43 PM: The New York Post is reporting that 12 people died and nearly 50 people were injured as a result of the explosions. They're also reporting that police believe they have identified a suspect, who is currently being treated at a Boston hospital for shrapnel wounds. The first explosion reportedly occurred inside the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel.

4:41 PM: A bomb dog is reportedly being sent in to investigate the suspicious package located at 376 Boylston Street.

4:38 PM: New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco have all increased security measures in light of the explosions.

4:30 PM: Another suspicious package was reportedly just found at 376 Boylston Street.

4:17 PM: NBC News is reporting that a small homemade bomb was the preliminary cause of the explosions that took place at the Boston Marathon.

4:14 PM: A confirmed explosion took place at the JFK Library. That brings the total number of explosions to four (three uncontrolled).

4:10 PM: Police have reportedly located another suspicious device nearby. A bomb squad has been sent out to investigate it further.

4:04 PM: Boston Police have confirmed that two people were killed and 22 people were injured by the explosions. They are going to hold a press conference at 4:30 PM to announce what else they know about the explosions.

3:57 PM: The organizers of the Boston Marathon have confirmed that the two explosions were caused by bombs. According to their Facebook page, "There were two bombs that exploded near the finish line in today's Boston Marathon. We are working with law enforcement to understand what exactly has happened."

3:55 PM: There is going to be another detonation that is going to take place at the 600 block of Boylston Street today. It will be a controlled explosion done by police. It will be the third explosion of the afternoon.

3:53 PM: If you are trying to contact someone in Boston, text them or use Twitter or Facebook to get in touch with them. The phone lines in Boston are reportedly jammed up right now.

3:52 PM: According to NBC News, Boston Police Commissioner William Bratton says that as many as 50 people may have been injured by the explosions.

3:51 PM: Important! If you are trying to access the web site for the city of Boston, it is currently down. Same goes for the Boston Police site.

3:50 PM: Reports indicate that 15 to 20 people were injured by the two explosions. Air quality officials have been brought in to assess the scene and to make sure that this was not a chemical attack.

3:48 PM: The Boston Marathon athlete tracker is still working. If you need to check on the status of anyone who participated in the Boston Marathon, check out the tracker here.

3:46 PM: Here is a video that was captured of one of the explosions taking place:

3:45 PM: There have been numerous reporters of sulfurous fumes at the site of the explosions.

3:43 PM: From the Wall Street Journal: "About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later."

3:41 PM: Reuters is reporting that the NYPD is sending counter-terrorism vehicles out to landmarks in New York City.

3:38 PM: An Associated Press reporter is reporting that several families affected by the tragic shootings in Newton, Connecticut were positioned in the VIP section near where the explosions took place. None of the families have been reported as injured.

3:36 PM: Police are investigating another incendiary device at JFK Library.

3:35 PM: The Boston Marathon has been canceled and all participants and spectators are being directed away from the finish line. This is the second major marathon that has been canceled in the past year. The New York Marathon was also canceled after Hurricane Sandy came through New York City.

3:30 PM: A short time ago, two explosions reportedly took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Details about exactly what took place are still coming in. But, it appears as though at least a dozen people were seriously injured by the explosions.

Check out the thumbs gallery above to see a few of the shots that have been captured of the area. You can also check out a live feed of the area, courtesy of CBS, below:

Stay tuned for additional details on the explosions.

[via The Atlantic]

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