Earlier this week, well-known car site Edmunds.com caused quite the stir, when one of its writers ranked the Lamborghini Veneno supercar the ugliest car ever built. We've told you our thoughts on that, so we're not going to blabber on about that topic anymore. This list did get us thinking, though. While pondering about and searching for some of the ugliest cars, we were reminded of one of the most distinct vehicles built in the past 20 years: the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

It's a polarizing hatch that lasted for 10 years and was actually a top seller for Chrysler. Some people, however, like us, think that there's something not quite right about the five-door. Call us crazy, but there's never been a time when we were like, "MAN, I just really want to drive a PT Cruiser! They just look so awesome and fun!" 

Furthermore, because of the vehicle's popularity, plenty of these things have been put under the knife and customized with bodykits, rims, flashy paint schemes, and some special body work. Oh, and LOTS of chrome. Relive the memories not yet lost with 10 of the Worst Chrysler PT Cruiser Customs Ever

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