On Friday night, Magic Johnson proposed a very simple idea to try and convince LeBron James to participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest next year: Magic agreed to put up $1 million of his own money to give to the winner of the contest, which in all likelihood would be LeBron if he took part in it.

"A million dollars from Magic to LeBron," he said during ESPN's NBA Countdown show. "Please get in the dunk contest."

Prior to yesterday's Heat/Knicks game, LeBron responded. Er, sort of. He didn't say definitively if he will or will not participate in the dunk contest next year. But, he did sound like he will be mulling it over for the next 11 months.

"I don't have a response [for Magic] yet," he said. "Tell him I'll get back to him."

We'll all be waiting.

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[via ESPN]

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