As much fun as it was watching Kobe Bryant take LeBron James' heart during the All-Star Game, we'd much rather be rewatching GIFs of LeBron in the Slam Dunk Contest. James could dodge it as much he wants, but the public is still going to demand that he compete in the contest as long as he's LeBron James. Mark Magic Johnson as part of that public.

Magic said on ESPN's Kia NBA Countdown that he's willing to offer James $1 million to compete in the dunk contest: "A million dollars from Magic to LeBron. Please get in the dunk contest. I go every year. I want to see you out there. A million to the winner."

It may be a fraction of what LeBron earns, but $1 million is 10x than what the NBA currently pays to the winner. Yep, that's how badly people want to see James in the contest.

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[via ESPN]