Joe Flacco isn't going to let a little money change him. Just a few hours after he signed a historic six-year, $120.6 million contract yesterday that will pay him at least $52 million in guaranteed money, the Ravens QB decided to get his grub on. But, he didn't pull into a fancy restaurant or have his assistant run to the Cheescake Factory for him. Instead, he drove to the nearest McDonald's drive-thru in Aberdeen, Md. and placed an order himself.

"I kept saying to the people I work with, 'Doesn't that look like Joe Flacco?'" Sherry Norman, who works at the McDonald's, told ESPN late yesterday. "And then he turned towards the window and it was him."

Peep the photo she took of him outside the drive-thru in the thumbs gallery. Oh, and just in case you're wondering what he ordered, he went with the 10-piece McNuggets meal, fries, and an unsweetened iced tea. Grand total: $6.99. So, it sounds like he won't be joining this group anytime soon. Way to stay regular, Joe.

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[via ESPN]