Cars in videos, whether they're full-length films, short stories or music videos are props. They're used to hold a place, represent something, and help tell a story. The type and condition of the car used will heavily determine whether the artist is trying to portray depression, oppression, succession, or celebration. In rap videos they typically stand for the struggle or rising above the struggle and sitting at the top, cruising in their lifted Impala on Daytons. We took a look at hundreds of rap music videos, scraping around for the best of these potrayals, and we've found classic Chevys, powerful super sports cars, rare customs, and a few special-in-their-own-right vehicles. See what Rick Ross, T.I., Curren$y, the Hot Boys, and Dr. Dre have beed driving over the years in The 50 Coolest Cars in Rap Video History

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